The Journey in International Fashion

Born in the historic city of Fez, Bouchra Filali Lahlou, now at 49, is a visionary designer breathing life into Moroccan traditions. Residing in the vibrant heart of Casablanca, she seamlessly blends heritage with modernity in her creations. Bouchra's designs have graced renowned runways worldwide, from the opulence of Dubai to the glamour of Paris and the cultural richness of Marrakesh.

Her presence in these global Fashion Weeks is a testament to her global influence, where her Kaftans tell a tale of elegance transcending borders. Beyond the runway, Bouchra actively shapes the narrative of contemporary Moroccan design, participating in numerous fashion shows and events. Each stitch in her creations is a celebration of culture, weaving a narrative that resonates internationally.

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The designer

Bouchra expertly merges modern fashion with the classic caftan, crafting distinctive and innovative pieces. Her designs, rooted in tradition, are presented in deep, soothing tones, adorned with intricate embroidery and rich ornamentation. This collection strikes a perfect balance, showcasing timeless elegance with a contemporary flair, steering clear of conventional classicism.

Customer reviews
Customer reviews
Thank you for this amazing caftan! It was perfect for my wedding 😍😍
— Juny Breeze
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